Anzac Park

Anzac Park is a neighbourhood park with a small Anzac Memorial in its centre. Over the years the edges of the park have deteriorated with beautiful yet dense plane trees and pin oaks forming a thick growth that limited sun and growth of grass. And this was the location selected for the new playspace. Although one of the large trees had to be removed, it created a new void for an earthy timber rope climbing structure. And what a transformation! This custom designed play structure offers high and challenging climbing and sliding at one end and at other end activities more suited to younger ones. The wobbly rope bridge facilitates both play and transition. Most play happens under trees including a delightful sandstone water play and colourful toddler play area. A lovely sandstone ‘story telling area’ is placed within open grass waiting for a local book group to spread their blankets. And children? They cannot wait!


Anzac Park


West Ryde NSW


City of Ryde
Budget $ 450 000


March 2020

Key Consultants

Umbaco Landscape Architects
City of Ryde
Moduplay, Timber Creations, Proludic, Istone